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5 self-love rituals for the new moon

The New Moon is the first phase of four in the moon’s 28-day cycle. Think of it as a refresh and a powerful opportunity to set intentions and connect with yourself and your purpose. As the moon grows, so will your manifestations set under it. The upcoming in Sagittarius, Wednesday 27 November is a perfect time to set goals, plan your next big idea, start a fresh project, let go of things that are no longer supporting your dreams and also check in with yourself to engage in a little self-love.

In ancient times women would gather with the moon phases to engage in rituals and ceremonies to nurture, inspire, reflect and heal. To reap the benefits of this week’s new moon, pencil in your own solo ritual as aligning with the energy of the new moon and its potency helps support setting and manifestations. While new moons happen on a monthly basis, each one signifies an opportunity to make changes, honour your truth on the deepest level and initiate new beginnings. To help you, I have outlined five new moon rituals you can do at home this week:

Cleanse and smudge

Before you can set clear intentions and truly reconnect with yourself, you need to release and clear any built-up negativity. The new moon is considered a particularly powerful time to do this. Burning sage is the simple act of smudging energy to actively bring awareness to things you want to release from your life. Burning sage is simple: Light the end of the sage wand and blow on it until there are lightly smouldering embers. Slowly and intentionally wave the smoke around your body and the space of your ritual and you’re smudging.


Ramp up your new moon meditation with a 20-minute session. If you already meditate, stick with your regular practice, whether it’s mantra or mindfulness, but if you haven’t had much experience in the past it might be worth trying a meditation app or focusing on your breath. The focus here should be on grounding and centring yourself.

Set your intentions

In a centred state, light a few candles, grab a notebook and pen and start jotting down all your dreams and goals, short term until the end of 2019 and even long term into 2020. In the days leading up to your new moon ritual dedicate a bit of time to thinking about what’s truly important to you to help with this stage. Try and be specific here about exactly what it is you would like to manifest and then read your list out loud. Pausing and taking time for devotion to writing and setting intentions is a way to honour our own wishes and desires for what we are wanting to manifest in our lives. This is an opportunity to honour our own self-worth which is an act of self-love. "I believe is what I receive!"

Run a sacred bath

Think magnesium and Epsom salts, essential oils, herbs, flower petals and run yourself a hot bath. While the water is running create a space near the bath to act as your “altar.” Here you put candles, crystals, stones, herbs, and any other items with symbolic properties that could add to your ritual. Then slip in, relax, and use visualisation techniques to picture manifesting your new intentions and renewing your energy. Open yourself up to possibility, prosperity and abundance. Relax and feel what its likes to receive your set intentions.I ramp up the self-love during my ritual with my sacred bath by having a cup of tea and applying my favourite face mask which are self-love acts that support my nourishment.

Give Gratitude

Now is the time to offer Gratitude to Universe for all the great things you experienced in the last moon cycle. Always find something to be thankful for. Say it out loud, and then spend a few minutes allowing yourself to feel totally grateful. Now you should feel recharged and ready to tackle all your new intentions.

Happy New Moon Blessings!


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