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grounding with crystals

In today’s fast paced world we are often overwhelmed by the demands of modern life and our ever-increasing responsibilities.

Too often there is little time to just relax and be, to enjoy the simple things in life, to slow down and sit in nature. Now more than ever it is vital for us to be grounded or earthed. If we don’t take time out for ourselves to find balance, to recharge and allow our bodies time to recover from our busy lives, we become disconnected from ourselves and depleted.

Grounding is about being centred, balanced and whole. It happens when we connect with the earth’s energy. We all require nature for our health and science has proven that something as simple as a walk on the beach, or walking barefoot on the earth has tremendous healing properties.

Crystals are one of nature’s beautiful gifts for helping us to stay connected to the earth’s wisdom. When we are grounded, we have more clarity, we are in tune with our authentic self and our needs, we make better decisions and are able to flow with life in a wholesome way.

Crystals with earthy qualities, colours and properties are excellent for grounding. Hematite, Pyrite, Smoky Quartz, Shungite and Jasper are wonderful crystals to support you to stabilise your energy. You can use one of these crystals to help you when you feel unsettled by life, either by wearing a grounding crystal or by carrying one around with you. You can also sit in nature with your crystal and visualise roots extending from your feet connecting you deeply into the earth.

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