do you allow your life stories to shape you?

We live our lives and make decisions, sometimes even not realising that they are influenced by someone else's beliefs. My transformation journey hasn't been comfortable. I know that I would never stop my self-growth journey because even when I must face the uncomfortable situations, I know it is all worth it as what is on the other side is life transforming.

Having enough determination to let go all the drama that we create in our lives, to let go of people in our inner circle who pull us down instead of lifting us higher is not always easy. But what I have learned is that when we let go of which is no longer serving us, making us happy and allowing us to be our true selves, we create space for much better things to come into our lives.

When I reflect on stories that have shaped who I am and influenced many important life decisions; many times, these decisions were based on fear, lack of self-worth, self-trust and self-love. Like many of us, I have been carr