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heal your divine feminine with the power of mindset and energy alignment

For years I held the mentality that creating what I wanted in my life came from hard work, effort and action. Despite reading personal development books and learning about the Law of Attraction, which always spoke about the power of mindset and energy alignment, I still continuously got pulled back into the action hustle.

I would practise my inner work in the morning where I would meditate, journal, and visualise what I wanted, but I still thought I then had to get up and make it happen.

I relied too heavily on my action, and in turn I would run myself into the ground through hard work and constantly striving. I wasn’t caring for myself and gave my power away. I would then have to spend hours drawing on all my self-care and self-love practices to bring me back into balance.

But towards the end of last year, I experienced a massive shift which changed how I live and work.

I began to dive deeper into the exploration of my feminine energy. As a woman, we are our most radiant and magnetic when we are in a state of joy, light heartedness, pleasure and play. These beautiful high vibe states cause us to embody, feel and radiate a completely different energy.

Manifesting is understanding that it is our energy that is creating our world, not our action. What we manifest in our lives reflects our energy, and when you shift your energy, you shift your life. It is about doing the inner work to elevate your energy, so you begin to effortlessly call-in brand-new experiences and opportunities.

This doesn't mean you don't take action. But for us as women, the action we take must feel good. It must be guided by our joy and feel good in our bodies. When we are feeling full, whole, radiant, abundant, joyful and luminous within ourselves, we can combine heart-aligned action to manifest a beautiful, fulfilling life.

Therefore, as women; we must be prioritising the embodiment of our feminine essence and our divine power. Therefore, we must be living in tune with our inner wisdom and following it when it guides us towards pleasure, fun, joy and freedom.

I have struggled for years to show up for the demands of my life while embodying my feminine, and I know how challenging it can be.

What state of joy are you in daily? Do you balance action with inner work? Do you feel joyful, abundant, whole and radiant? Are you living in alignment with your divine feminine?

Beaches Healing was founded from my journey to help you and share everything that I have been practising so that you too can experience this beautiful way of living.

Energy Healing will assist to release your energetic blocks to allow your divine feminine energy to flow restoring a deep sense of balance and inner harmony.

I will support and guide you on your healing path to awaken your divine feminine and embody your inner power through self-love and acceptance, enabling you to navigate your own unique healing journey to flourish in being an empowered woman.

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