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cleanse and refresh your space for 2019

There’s nothing more refreshing than cleansing your spirit and space. Releasing old, stagnant or negative energy leaves you feeling emotionally lighter. Cleanse your space so you carry only the highest vibes into 2019! Not sure how to cleanse? Here is how you can purify the energy your home and spirit.

There are about as many tools for cleansing the energy of your home as there are for cleaning your home on a physical level. You can use a cleansing crystal, like Selenite, healing sound frequencies, like from a bell or a singing bowl and you can even cleanse with the smoke of a medicinal plant, like sage.

Needless to say, if you’ve never cleansed your energy before, it can feel a little overwhelming! Or you can book a Space Clearing to remove negative, stagnant or low vibrations from your spirit and space.

Our homes, spaces and bodies are not just made up of purely physical matter; they also vibrate with quiet, invisible energy. No matter how clean your home is or how positive your energy may be, you still need to energetically cleanse your space. Space clearing is spring cleaning your home or work space on an energetic level of all the emotional and psychic junk that may have gathered over time.

When are space clearings most beneficial?

After renovating or moving into a home or office, when you feel ‘stuck’, feeling anxious or depressed, when the feel of past occupants is hanging around, feeling a presence, after a serious illness or death of a loved one, relationship issues or arguments, after a party, allergies, expelling any stressed out energy, emotional residue, health issues, clutter, sleep disturbances, financial difficulties, separation or divorce, depression, worry, fear, anger, bad vibe in certain areas of your home, selling your home or space-clear old energy to make room for new, renting a space, buying a space, new animal or losing an animal, or you just want a fresh start.

I draw on years of experience working as a professional lightworker to scan your space to discover what specific energies or entities might need to be cleared. Then, working co-creatively with Source energy and the nature spirits of the land, we transmute any toxic earth energies, release any earth-bound spirits, clear psychic imprints and curses, or anything else that might be occurring on the property, to return the space and land to a harmonious balance. This is a beautiful service to gift to the land and its inhabitants energetic and physical. In this unique remote process (so I can clear energy from anywhere), I use a blend of energy work and ceremonial rituals to co-creatively clear the root causes of toxic energies on your property. Our Space Clearing is concluded with a house blessing and grid to protect your space.

Space Clearing takes 1.5 hours. Space Clearing can be performed on homes, offices, cars, boats, farms, gardens, studios and objects in your space. Prior to the space clearing we will discuss your intentions and dowse your space.

For clients on Sydney’s northern beaches, I’m available for in-person visits to energetically clear your space.

Being very sensitive to earth energies in my body, I was called to do this work as part of my healing journey. I am honoured to be able to provide this service and I delight in co-creating healthy spaces for you to thrive in. Raise the vibration of your home for increased health, happiness and mental clarity by booking a Space Clearing. When you clear negative energy from your home, you create a space that vibrates at its full potential.

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