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connect with your intuition for signs about 2019

Being a professional intuitive energy healer means using my intuition to help my clients better co-create their lives, but it's also about empowering my clients to trust and hone their own intuition. And what better way to utilise your intuition right now than by asking for guidance about the year ahead? Since the future is somewhat unwritten, you might get very specific information or some broad-stroke intuitive hits. Here are some methods for calling up your sixth sense for advice on how to navigate 2019:

1. Journal to summon profound synchronicities regarding 2019

We receive synchronicities from the Universe and our Spiritual Counsel all the time, but you can increase those signs and be more adept at recognising them when you ask for them, or conjure them, in a mindful manner. Journaling is a practical way to exercise your free will as a powerful spiritual being by simply writing Spirit, your higher self, or your angels a note asking for synchronicities about what to focus on, what is ahead for you, or what to avoid in 2019. Then for the rest of the week, watch for synchronicities that could appear as wise words from friends or even strangers, a book or movie with a theme that relates to you showing up consistently, a song on the radio, a chance meeting or a golden opportunity appearing out of the blue.

2. Use creative visualisation before going to sleep for intuitive dreams about the year ahead

Dreams are yet another way we can receive information from our own intuition as well as divine guidance. If you don't dream or don't often remember your dreams, sometimes just setting the intention that you want to remember them can help.

Spend five or ten minutes before bed (but not right before bed, when you are really exhausted) closing your eyes and imagining yourself dreaming. Picture yourself waking up the next morning and telling your partner or roommate about your dream over breakfast or writing down all the details in a journal. Feel in your body how grateful your energy would be if you had a dream that helped explain a problem you were having or inspired you to take action on a goal. As you close this visualisation exercise, silently ask your intuition that you receive dreams about how to approach 2019.

3. Record your own guided meditation for unique answers about the new year

Guided meditation can have powerful results, as it encourages your sixth sense to give you information via clairvoyance or images. With creative visualisation the images in your mind are being imagined by your intellect or thinking mind. With clairvoyance the images are not thought out by you but rather suddenly appear in your mind as if by magic. When you close your eyes and listen to soft music with a gentle voice asking you questions like, "What does your soul see you achieving in 2019?" You might get an image of yourself volunteering for a charity you've been curious about, hiking in nature, holding a newborn baby, hugging an estranged relative or sitting in a classroom.

Come up with a list of questions you have about 2019 and record yourself on your phone or computer asking them in a gentle voice. Allow for a few minutes' space after each question. Then cue up some nature sounds; sit down in a quiet, comfortable spot; hit play on your device to start your questions; and close your eyes. When you are done with the meditation, be sure to jot down some of the most important images and insights you received after each question.

4. Let your intuition choose a spirit animal to work with in 2019

Clairsentience; feeling or sensing intuitive information, is the most common of the four main psychic pathways. Find a list of popular spirit animals online or get a deck of spirit animal oracle cards, and as you look at the pictures and descriptions of these animals, notice how you feel. Does the energy around you feel more intense, alive, warm, happy, excited, curious, or calm when you are reading about a certain animal? Let your feelings draw you to an animal that can become a symbol for how you navigate 2019.

5. Create an intuitive soundtrack for the new year

Are there songs or artists you keep hearing over and over "randomly" at the store or on the radio? What songs are speaking to your intuition right now? Which ones give you chills when you hear them, bring up powerful emotions, inspire you, calm you down or give you courage? The music that keeps showing up for you, whether it's a synchronicity or something you are consistently called to put on might contain messages your intuition is trying to share with you. Make a playlist of these songs and listen to them when you want to be more mindful about what you are co-creating in 2019.

Abundance of love and magic for 2019,

Deanne x

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