connect with your intuition for signs about 2019

Being a professional intuitive energy healer means using my intuition to help my clients better co-create their lives, but it's also about empowering my clients to trust and hone their own intuition. And what better way to utilise your intuition right now than by asking for guidance about the year ahead? Since the future is somewhat unwritten, you might get very specific information or some broad-stroke intuitive hits. Here are some methods for calling up your sixth sense for advice on how to navigate 2019:

1. Journal to summon profound synchronicities regarding 2019

We receive synchronicities from the Universe and our Spiritual Counsel all the time, but you can increase those signs and be more adept at recognising them when you ask for them, or conjure them, in a mindful manner. Journaling is a practical way to exercise your free will as a powerful spiritual being by simply writing Spirit, your higher self, or your angels a note asking for synchronicities about what to focus on, what is ahead for you, or what to avoid in 2019. Then for the rest of the week, watch for synchronicities that could appear as wise words from friends or even strangers, a book or movie with a theme