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January Ritual - New Year, New Contracts

On this new moon in Capricorn, the first new moon of 2019, it is time to release every worn-out agreement that has been draining your vital life energy or steering you into soul-less work, relationships and commitments. It is time to trust your body and emotions as a highly intelligent internal guidance system. To remember your power, gifts and purpose and let your heart lead the way.

Now is the moment to write new contracts for your life that align with your soul’s deepest priorities. These old agreements, commitments and limited feeling states are just too small to contain your greatness, your brilliance, your possibility. That old routine where you take on more responsibility than you need to is not going to serve you in 2019.

How to engage with this ritual: in a quiet, safe, sacred space by yourself. What you’ll need: 2 sheets of paper, pen/pencil, space to move your body.

Time: 25-35 minutes


Before you step over the precipice of a new year, it’s important to evaluate your current situation. To look back on your past year and feel gratitude for all that you’ve come through. Assess whether your current contracts, agreements and commitments in place are in alignment with this new you.

In honour of this Capricorn New Moon, prioritise your soul’s needs…time to get crystal clear on what your soul’s needs are. From this place of clarity, script your new contracts, agreements and commitments that align with where you are.

Take your first sheet of paper. Give yourself five minutes to journal to this prompt:

● What are the essential elements for my soul to continue to evolve? To feel free? To feel whole? To feel joyful? To feel fully expressed?


Take your second sheet of paper. Give yourself three minutes to journal to each of the following prompts (9 minutes total):

● What contracts have I made with others (formal and energetic) that are no longer serving my soul’s needs?

● What agreements are currently in place that don’t allow for the full expression of my soul’s deepest needs?

● Which energetic cords do I need to cut to free myself to prioritise my soul’s needs?

Now that you have this list, you have a choice. What are you going to do with this knowledge? You could continue to operate from these old contracts...or you could set them on fire (literally or metaphorically). You could bury them, compost them, tear them into tiny shreds. However, you choose to free yourself from these is up to you. Whatever you do, don’t hang onto what’s not working for One. More. Second. Shake it off. Dance. Get up. Shake your body and release all that’s no longer you create space to receive NEW CONTRACTS and AGREEMENTS!!!


It’s time to write new contracts for yourself. No more settling. No more operating from a place of obligation, compromise, need, should or giving away your power. Give yourself 3 minutes to journal to each these prompts (9 minutes total):

● Which contracts, agreements and commitments that are already in place are serving my soul’s needs?

● What are the new contracts I will put into place to further prioritise my soul’s needs, above all else?

● Who am I committing to be in 2019?

Read these aloud to yourself and move these new energies through your body, whether through breath, dance, or simply tapping on your body and saying, ”YES! I am open to receiving these new contracts!” Because you are ready. Surrender and Trust…your Spiritual Council has your back.

With love, flow and abundance for 2019,

Deanne x

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