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tune into your higher self in your heart chakra

Who do you trust more? Yourself, or something outside of you? Inside of us lives a compass. It compass accounts for ALL of us. Mind. Body. Soul.

This compass is your intuition and it is your most powerful tool. Your inner guidance system does not give its power away to outside influences. Tapping into this internal compass, you realise you hold lifetimes of wisdom within you. You are infinite in your ability to feel!

Every time you tap into your intuition, you are exercising it like a muscle. Your inner gifts want to be utilised so that they can be expressed, expand and grow. Your intuition wants you to trust it. It wants you to trust YOU. Your feminine wisdom then has space to expand.

THAT is when the magic of life really begins to express itself. It needs space and trust and you are the captain of the ship. Steer it towards inner-knowing. Steer it towards your own wisdom unfolding and expressing itself.

Your ability to feel is a GIFT. I encourage you to take time every day to deepen into it. Experiment. Listen. Here's how I guide my clients to TUNE IN...

Close your eyes, taking three deep breaths right up the through the crown of your head connecting with All That Is and right down through your body to Mother Gaia connecting with her crystal grids at the centre of the Earth. Take your awareness into your heart chakra. Ask your Higher Self into your Heart Chakra. Be Still. Ask your Higher Self any questions you need answers to, ask your body how it feels, or just be still and listen for what your inner guidance needs you to know. Allow space and expansion and TRUST. When you feel you have received what you need to know, again take three deep breaths and gently open your eyes.

As you progress and dive deeper into the journey, you may begin to notice the deep link that your intuition has with your ability to lead. You may feel called to speak certain things at certain times. You may feel called to turn right instead of left, and watch the beauty that comes of it.

There are a million possibilities. How will you know what they are if you don't trust your intuition which knows what it is for your best and highest good? I invite you to listen to your Higher Self in your Heart and follow your intuition, goddess. TRUST it will take you where you need to be and go.

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