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Are you fearlessly, authentically you?

Have you ever noticed yourself being inauthentic to be accepted or liked? Have you ever shied away from sharing your talent, voice, or vision? Do you yearn to be seen but feel scared to show ALL of you? We all have pages in the book of our lives that we don’t want to reveal to anyone, not even to ourselves. These pages can become a barrier that prevents us from growing deeper in any relationship.

Whether you are desiring greater love and connection in your life or seeking to blossom into the next phase of your career, being authentic is key. When you’re in a place of anxiety about the future or how someone will react to you, it’s easy to want to manipulate how you present yourself or alter what you would naturally do, to control the outcome. Being inauthentic, even slightly, to get a certain result, does not lead to joy, self-love, nourishing relationships or success.

What is something you are holding back from sharing with the world, either socially, professionally or the ones closest to you? What is one of your gifts or talents that most people don’t know about? What are you afraid might happen if you share most of who you are with the world of the people around you?

When we accept and are comfortable with all parts of ourselves, even the parts that we have tried to hide from the world, we restore ourselves to wholeness and invite in more radiance, love and power to create the life and relationships we yearn for. When we suppress parts of ourselves; habits, beliefs, events of the past, successes, gifts, desires, talents, we spend a whole lot of energy “suppressing” rather than using that energy to shine!

Authenticity is magnetic. Being vulnerable, present and real allows you to flow harmoniously with life and you attract all that you truly yearn for. You are perfect just as you are. Be your courageous self without apologies, competition or holding back. Be the beautiful impact being fully you without hesitation, self-doubt or worry what others might think. Imagine and feel yourself to be fearless, humble and peaceful sharing all that you are, allowing your true self to shine in all situations. Trust in your inherent worthiness. Embody all of you and watch your life flower and bloom. Honour your unique beauty, gifts and power and be fearlessly, authentically you.

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