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invoke wealth with an abundance bowl

This week I created an Abundance Bowl.

An Abundance Bowl is a powerful tool and ritual to bring our intentions into physical form. My Abundance Bowl enriches my day with joy and happiness, so I find myself feeling more abundant and spiritually wealthy. Seeing my abundance bowl in my healing room every day reminds my clients and myself that we can have both material and spiritual wealth at the same time.

Your Abundance Bowl represents your intention; use objects that really resonate in a deep and profound way with you. Your results reflect your efforts so take time to create a bowl of beauty, inspiration and intention.

Simple guidelines:

1. Your Bowl

Your bowl can be composed of a beautiful cut glass bowl, a basket, a metal box, a silver bowl, a ceramic bowl or any type of container that you feel is both attractive and represents abundance for you. I chose a clamshell as shells represents natures beauty and has meaning for me both personally and business.

2. Your Treasures

Depending on the purpose of your bowl, fill it with intentions, treasures, goals and wishes. Abundance bowls are filled with items that inspire spiritual wealth and prosperity in all areas of your life. For example: Optimum Health Bowl = picture of yourself in ideal health (or an image that represents health), beautiful crystal or stone (or several of both!), an angel card, or inspirational card supporting health and any other items that represent health to you.

I filled my Abundance Bowl with:

  • 8 crystals (1 Jade, 1 Tigers Eye, 1 Labradorite, 1 Amethyst, 1 Citrine, 1 Aventurine, 1 Rose Quartz (which represent material and spiritual wealth to me) as well as 1 Double Terminated Clear Quartz to activate and amplify these crystals and my intentions.

  • Written personal and business intentions and goals in present tense.

  • Photos and images that represent family, happiness, enlightenment, soul sister friendships and unconditional love and self-love.

  • Currencies from countries where I wish to travel.

  • Lucky gold Feng Shui brass gold ingot plus eight Chinese coins

3. Your Intentions

Sage your space, your bowl and your intentions and treasures.

You can set your overall intention for your bowl or for every intention you place into your bowl. This is best done in a place of quiet, focused attention. You can also meditate on your intentions.

I take three deep breaths and visualise a golden light beam through my crown down to my Solar Plexus into your bowl and back again, vibrating with the power of my overall intention. Say aloud “I trust and surrender my spiritual abundance to the Universe. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.”

4. Sacred space for your Abundance Bowl

Place your bowl where you will see it daily. Your Abundance Bowl represents what you desire, it holds the energy of your intention and that intention is enhanced and supported by the objects in the bowl. Each time you see it you will be reminded of your intention and in this energetic exchange both you and the bowl are empowered.

For a Wealth Bowl with a variety of crystals in all sizes you might place it on a window sill where it catches the rays of the sun, casting rainbows all around. If you own a business, you might place it near the point of sale.

I have placed my Abundance Bowl on my coffee table in my healing room where I meditate and hold healing sessions with my clients, so I will be empowered by it daily.

5. Refresh/Replace your Abundance Bowl

As the New Moon is all about setting intentions, you may create your bowl on the New Moon. You can refresh its energy under the Full Moon or out in the Sun at any time, just as you do with your crystals.

Leave your Abundance Bowl until you feel a shift or refresh it every New Moon.

Wishing you Spiritual Abundance.


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