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ask yourself this simple Question to change your outlook

When it comes to be the best version of myself, I’m all for throwing everything at it: swimming, Reiki, meditation, Pilates, journaling, healings, circles, you name it. I've incorporated new alternative therapies into my healing regimen for over two decades because you never know what’s going to be the right fit for you until you try it.

The best way to explain my mission to live in flowy goodness is to compare it to a pipe that is blocked with pebbles. This pipe represents how energy - the Universe, source, spirit, God, intuition, whatever you like to call it - works through me. By experimenting with ways to clear some of these out, I've strengthened my own intuition and found that when I ignore my instinct things go downhill quickly.

I’ve been gradually removing blockages stone by stone until I was finally left with one big boulder to blast through. And boom! It sure went out with a bang with a little question with a big impact.

It’s a question I ask all my clients to prepare their intention for every healing session:

“What are you ready to let go of?” and “what you would like to bring in, in its place?"

It’s not uncommon in the manifesting world to focus on what you’d like to bring into your life. In addition to letting go of what isn’t serving you, consciously choose what will fill the space it leaves behind. Make a list where every "drop-off" has a corresponding "let in" to create intention.

The key word here is: ready.

We all have things we’d like to move away from; limiting beliefs, pain, old hurts, tired stories, but sometimes we’re just not ready to take the leap. Be honest with yourself to what you are open to and willing to let in.

How this question can serve all of us.

What isn’t serving you and what are you willing to let go of? And what is something you’re opening to putting in its place? We can probably all benefit from making such a list. Doing so can be a tricky process, so allocate some quiet time to it and allow yourself to be honest. Once you start listing attributes and feelings you want to bring in, it becomes obvious if you aren’t living in your truth and what you need to let go of.

If you want to bring in more intimacy, perhaps you need to be willing to drop off the feeling of loneliness. To allow openness, maybe you need to loosen the grip on the armour and walls you easily put up.

Remember to balance this intensity with playfulness and think big! Connect with stillness whilst setting your intentions, allowing your mind and body to get in sync. This process is not just about trusting your gut; it’s about trusting and listening to your body and deeply connecting to it. It’s guiding you more than you know.

Once you pinpoint what you need to let go and bring in, bring it to life with affirmations, full moon releasing rituals, journaling, or the healing modality that’s right for you. One such healing technique is ThetaHealing, which allows you to release and create new positive belief patterns and behaviours awakening and empowering your true self.

Ready to let go?

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