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reload with our cherry ripe bliss balls

Craving something sweet? Satisfy your three-thirtyitis sugar slump with this bliss ball recipe. These nourishing bliss balls tick all the boxes – healthy, delicious and easy-to-prepare!

Not only are they a delicious snack, they fool you into thinking that you are eating something naughty, when in fact they are packed full of healthy fats from the nuts and coconut, plus fibre and antioxidants. The perfect snack for on the go, boosting your mood or beating that chocolate craving!

makes 24 balls


½ cup activated almonds

½ cup fine coconut + ⅓ cup to roll at the end

1 cup cherries (or use any berries, mix it up each week)

2 tablespoons cacao powder

⅓ cup pitted Medjool dates

1 tablespoon coconut oil


1. Blend the almonds and coconut in a food processor.

2. Add in the cherries and dates and blend until chopped finely and starts sticking together (stop and with a spoon remove the mixture stuck to the side).

3. Add the coconut oil and cacao powder and mix again.

4. With your hands roll the bliss balls using around 1 tablespoon and roll in the coconut. Keep in the fridge for up to two weeks.

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