11:11 Manifest your Dream Life

11/11 the luckiest day of the year

The spiritual meaning of 11:11 in numerology represents divine connection, intuition, soul growth and our power to manifest abundance. November 11 is always a powerful day, but this is the first time in 101 years where it also occurs in a repeating number year, 2020…a double dose of 2’s further ignites your psychic precision and spiritual connection.

Thanks to the powerful numerology of 11/11, tomorrow is set to be the luckiest days of the month, year and century! 11:11 also represents coming into complete alignment with your true and highest self.

The number one is about new beginnings and fresh starts, and when you combine more of them together, you amplify their energy, which makes 11 November a manifesting powerhouse. The number 11 in numerology also represents growth, awakening and spiritual connection, so the double-blast of this energy on 11/11 creates a potent opportunity to get in touch with your higher self and spiritual goals.

Take advantage of 11:11 energy by shedding old habits, clearing negativity and stepping into something new. It's about transforming the old and oneself into a new creation, aligning with the auspicious energy of abundance, spiritual connection, and deep personal awakening. And it's especially magical if you know how to take advantage of 11/11 energy.

11:11 represents easy access to the higher realms of Spirit so you can support your ascension process, expand your consciousness, and tap into profound soul insights and self-healing. November 11 can help you get clear on exactly what you want to manifest during the year ahead if you're willing to work with its energy. If there is something you want to manifest or a wish you want to make, this is the day to set your intentions!