Women are magical and the moon is a reminder of that. Mystical Mother Moon travels through a cycle every month, as we do. The New Moon represents powerful new beginnings energy in the cycle and amplifies your sacred feminine magic, to build a clean slate charged with possibility, opportunity and hope.

This New Moon Meditation creates a sacred space to connect with your divine feminine energy to manifest in tune with the New Moon supercharging your desires and intentions.

This meditation has been mixed with 432hz Miracle Tone which resonates with the Universe and syncs with the 7 Chakras System, Awakens the Goddess within, Syncs Emotionally Physically Mentally Spiritually, Replicates DNA, Balances, Heals and Returns you to your Natural State of Being. 432hz Miracle Tone has the potential to bring about profound healing.

This ritual has become part of my monthly practice to help my take inspired action on my dreams. You can replay this meditation every new moon combined with my New Moon Ritual download to manifest your desires and intentions.

Happy New Moon Blessings and Abundance x