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About Reiki Healing


Reiki Master Teacher

Holistic Counsellor

Chakra Healing Master

Intuitive Mentor, ThetaHealer

empowering women


You will learn how to heal through self-love and acceptance.

Awaken to a deep sense of safety being yourself and shining your light, actualising your innate confidence, worthiness and power by awakening to the self-love within you. Monthly Self Love healing sessions combine reiki, energy and spiritual teachings, tools, rituals, meditations and journaling exercises on healing through self-love to feel internally secure as a light of this world, comfortable in your own skin and speaking and being your deepest truth. When you find the love you have been craving inside of you all along and follow its trusty guidance to your healing path then you begin to feel safer sharing your unique gifts with the world and deeply safe in your authentic self.

In your energy healing session, you will learn how to come back home to the healing of your inner centre through reconnecting with your inner self-love, compassion, acceptance and worth, and understand about how you work as a spiritual being having a human experience. You will learn how to heal yourself through self-love. We will share why self-love is so important including as self-compassion, acceptance, worth and how to heal the energies in the way of those and find those states of being within yourself and not outside of yourself. 

We'll go deep into healing feelings of unlovable through journaling, meditation and healing modalities of Reiki, ThetaHealing, Holistic Counselling, Chakra and Crystal Healing. You will learn all about your own power of awareness to heal and transcend old patterns and how to feel your feelings in order to heal. You will learn who you really are, unconditional love, empowered, aligned and free. You'll leave knowing your own unique soul essence so that moving forward you’ll have a grounded internal resting place and you'll also learn how to bring yourself back home to your sweet centre whenever you stray away from the love that you are.

Ready to align with Self Love? Book your monthly self love healing session now.  Discounted payment plans available to commit to honouring yourself monthly. 

heal. love. empower. you

60 min |  $133



client love

I met Deanne for a session after TWO special soul sisters recommended her! I sat with her and we dived straight into my past life stuff and she supported and guided and cleared with me what was intense energy and purging. She held the space so beautifully and took me to the next level in my self confidence as a woman who can support others into their own healing. I love Deanne and will be back and have already given her name to two more people. 

- Melissa Turnock, Body Wisdom

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