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60 min  |  $120

90 min  |  $160

120 min |  $200 


Full body Crystal Healing Grids are patterns using crystals for healing and wellbeing. Grids involve treating your energetic body by strategically placing crystals at specific energy points on your body to enhance their energy flow and potency. Specific crystals are chosen for their unique healing properties. The colour and healing attributes of individual crystals and correct crystal placement can achieve profound healing results on all levels.

During a Crystal Healing Grid, I work with the grid crystals, crystal wands, Reiki and ThetaHealing to activate and direct the healing energy of the crystals to clearing the blockage, bringing old trauma to the surface, ensuring balance and alignment on all levels; emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.

The crystal grids include ‘charger’ crystals (crystals with double terminated points, such as clear quartz, amethyst, or citrine points) which act as energy carriers, directing and maintaining the energy flow throughout the grid.

Specific Crystal Grids include clarity, stress and anxiety, peace and tranquillity, self-confidence and acceptance, cleansing and detoxification, healing the past, fertility, transition and change, deep sleep and vivid dreams, spiritual awakening, overcoming fear, acceptance understanding and positivity, protection, balance, and alignment, attracting love, attracting abundance and success, complete health and wellness, treating ADHD, overcoming depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, overcoming addiction, emotional trauma and heartbreak, healing sexual abuse.


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