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Usui Reiki 1 Certificate

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Reiki is Love. Reiki liberates the life force energy in the body, so that you can experience more peace, vitality and joy in your life. You can access the unlimited power source of the Universe. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, Reiki will unlock your innate power to heal yourself. It’s a tool for life. Are you drawn to learn more about healing and the power that lies within it? If so, explore the ancient Japanese healing art of Reiki. Level 1 is the beginning of not only your Reiki journey, but the beginning of your transformation as you are opening yourself up to raise your vibration, open your Heart Chakra to love and emanate divine light. I am honoured to be able to pass on this incredible gift to you during this online course. This course has brought all of my in person Reiki Master Teacher training online for you, to access anywhere, anytime. This provides you the freedom of choosing how and when you wish to study, allowing you time to practice and integrate the methods and written materials for in-home and online study. Begin the journey with reconnecting to Self. My purpose is for you to "awaken your inner healer", gaining all the skills and knowledge for your own spiritual and healing journey using Reiki for healing yourself and others. Learning at your own pace in your own time, builds discipline which deepens your Reiki practice. All of the materials, meditations, videos and resources in this course are available for you to revisit at any time.

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Usui Reiki 1 - Online

Usui Reiki 1 - Online

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