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Self Love Circle

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Self-love is a state of acceptance of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. Self-love is dynamic; it grows by actions that mature our self-worth. Self-love is honouring yourself first, accepting all of your weaknesses and strengths and your perfect imperfections, the courage to try new things and being in pursuit of your purpose and dreams that are in your highest alignment. The Self Love Circle is a unique online, monthly membership with exclusive access to self-love rituals, resources, meditations, guides, teachers, practitioners and healers to support our collective of conscious women who are dedicated to loving and accepting themselves. No matter where you are on your self-love journey, you are welcome here! You are LOVE! We are honoured and grateful to welcome you into our community. In this sacred space you are welcome to speak from your heart, share your truth, be true to you and be held in a sacred tribe of love and acceptance. For the cost of a couple of lattes a month, Self-Love Circle is a sacred space to hold you as you intuitively activate, awaken and empower self-love each month. Move at your own pace each month honouring you. You’ll have access an ever-growing library of self-love practices, rituals, meditations, workbooks and classes. Each month you will also unlock new self-love content and be invited to attend the monthly Self Love Live Sacred Circle. It’s time to give yourself the most important gift ever: Self Love.

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